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Certified 1sicB logo.png
Welcome to 1SicB 

1 Sic B is a global brand that brings awareness about autoimmune diseases throughout our community. Especially those that have been marginalized and forgotten. To provide efficacy in our community, that way when families are affected with these diseases they know where to go for support. 1SicB strives to change the narrative of what chronic illness looks like and for the world to know we can be SWAGGED out too. 



A strong individual that faces/fights through unimaginable, undeniable, courageous battles that life throws at you without warning but you refuse to carry the spirit of brokenness.

UK Health Care Article 

Fighting ten times harder 

“I have never given up. I have never stopped fighting. I will never stop fighting until the Lord takes me home. Until that day, I’m going to fight for me.”

When Brandi Jones was 17, she temporarily lost function of the entire right side of her body. An inflamed optic nerve, weakness in her hands and feet, bladder dysfunction, pain and tingling were just a few of the symptoms that rendered her immobile.

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